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2011 Rolls Royce Ghost

2011 Rolls Royce Ghost
2011 Rolls Royce Ghost
2011 Rolls Royce Ghost
2011 Rolls Royce Ghost
2011 Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announced that they started working on a new set of models: Fall 2006 Paris Salon. The new car will be in the production and sale at the end of the decade. This only affects the time that is smaller than the Phantom sedan and confirms a price somewhere between 200,000 € and 300,000 € before tax. Speculation about his style and began almost immediately specifications …

There was little of the new car, known as RR4, until the spring of 2008, when a Rolls-Royce has the first official sketches. The style is immediately recognizable as a Rolls-Royce, but less traditional than previous models. As chief designer Ian Cameron said: “The RR4 has a more casual with a spirit expressed more weight on the trip in terms of the design due to its slightly smaller dimensions, but with the powerful proactive proportions .. a true and uncompromising Rolls-Royce is in every respect. ”

As the observation of the development models in the most secret, a Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 200EX, the experimental precursor to Ghost in the Geneva Motor Show March 2009. In an instant success, design elements 200EX Rolls-Royce has seen the fashion, but generally more convincing. There was a clear statement of intent.

The design team is a modern Rolls-Royce has achieved a new dynamism, but remained faithful to its heritage of luxury. They found inspiration in contemporary architecture and furniture for yachts, but also in the spirit of the 1930s – a sense of adventure and effort – I wanted to capture the character of this new car.

“200EX is a modern application of the timeless elegance of the Rolls-Royce, with some areas of disruption of tradition without sacrificing the core values that make our unique brand,” said CEO Tom Purves. “We hope that the informal organization, to expand the appeal of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and attracts people who know how to appreciate to enjoy the fusion of elegance, new technologies and modern style.”

After the show, 200EX began a world tour, during which further information about the upcoming production model was available. It would be a new 6.6-liter V12 provides a unique brand of food, 563 hp exceptional performance. The suspension is mounted on an elaborate system of air traffic and provides a unique dynamic. And he said: Ghost.

“Ghost is one of the most respected names in the automotive industry,” said Tom Purves. “It conjures up images of adventure and technical innovation. The first cars with the name of the Holy Spirit not only for their reliability and performance of immense knowledge, but a great talent and style.”

After the very positive reaction to 200EX in his travels, some changes were made in the transition to the spirit of the production – a tribute to the remarkable achievements of Ian Cameron and Helmut Riedl, design and engineering teams.

In September 2009 the new Rolls-Royce Ghost has been officially began with the world.

Shaping the Future

“Simplicity is the design principle to follow the more difficult.” Ian Cameron, Chief Designer

Mind power lines is dominated by its majestic style of the “line of yachts.” High-speed, continuous surface between the horizontal lines give the definition of good plowing. In general, increasing the curve of the roofline, the threshold and the low profile of a powerful, almost as if the car was rejected create. Powerful shoulders and clear away the fins on the sides and rear, while related details such as gas, the possibility of chromium, a different dynamic of the Spirit.

Includes the classic designs, Rolls-Royce – a big bow, long hood, short front overhang, inclined A-pillar and rear-smart – an aura of the Holy Spirit informally. Contemporary twist, such as wheel centers for self-recovery and xenon headlamps framing the latest development of Rolls-Royce grille. Here, near the entrance of the curved blades have a setback in the opening. “We wanted to look more traditional style of the Parthenon and a diet plan,” said Ian Cameron.

Contrast satin silver (introduced in the 200EX) is an option for the hood, under the grill and windshield. The goal through the creation of the silver metal is carried out in a new coat of paint, it offers a perfect matte finish.

The basic principle of providing the simplicity of the complexity of the mind. Everything is designed, developed and manufactured in order to improve the team and the driving experience, not complicate.

“Spirit and cuddling is something that that mark has been refined.” Charles Coldham, interior designer

Inside the created ghost created within the design team created a contemporary has, in faithfulness to the tradition of Rolls-Royce “of high-quality materials and comfort. There are elegant lamps, ice cream and door handles, key switch, the traditional violin and ventilation openings of the eye, the second White Label and sophisticated instrumentation. thick mat of hair can be completed with the real choice for a luxurious feel of wool.

Spirit is used by a large port. The hotel is located in the front doors is in the Teflon roof integrated. The rear doors are traditional hinged rear doors that open to a generous 83 degrees coach. After the passengers inside, the doors can be closed with the touch of a button. The interior is bathed in natural light, powered by the optional panoramic sunroof that extends from front to rear.

Four-zone automatic temperature control can be customized to the needs of individuals are matched with separate controls for front and rear axle. Automatic air recirculation, preventing condensation and compensation provided by solar energy is controlled by the breakdown of conventional piston chrome eyeball, with the sea.

Outside the gates of a wide range of mind and the shoulders of the occupants feel calm, clean and safe. Known on the back of the intimate space of the seat of his position behind the column C, then the feeling of privacy. Seats create an informal atmosphere, the light curve, which is easier to convert to the person next to you. The elevated position provides a clear idea of the spirit of the electronic withdrawal of ecstasy on the street.

President is proposed as an alternative to the standard configuration of a living room. This allows the addition of a massage function and perforated leather for cooling air flow from the surface of the seat. Auxiliary climate control for rear passengers can adjust the air temperature beside the car, without the intrusion of others. A refrigerator with integrated interior lighting and the champagne is also available.

Picnic tables are matched by a further option sheet, recording the best leather and wood veneer to match the rest of the interior of the mind. Installed in the back of each front seat, the tables are a traditional part of the Rolls-Royce design and graduated with a metal surface covered with leather back.

“Ghost has been designed to be an escape from the outside world.” Alan Sheppard, interior designer

Improving the conditions of the mind is a sound system offers an exquisite experience. 600-watt audio amplifier with 10 channels and 16 speakers including two subwoofers comes installed on the floor. USB and auxiliary inputs allow integration of external audio devices and a disk of 12.5 GB hard drive for storing music files from USB sources or CD player.

In addition, the seat is installed in the theater, so that all adjustments have no effect on the control of the driver of the rear seat. The functions are no longer two 9.2in LCD on the back of the front seats, after the hearing with an armrest, the rotation handle appears to be tilted. The screens can be adjusted independently and entertainment can also hear individually with most hearing aids. A six-CD changer in the glove compartment mounted media is installed as part of this option.


“The balance of refinement and dynamic ability is unbelievable.” Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering

When considering a unit of Rolls-Royce is customary to think of wood, leather and chrome, but the company has its roots in art. The refinement of the final product depends on the willingness of engineers to correct in every detail. This was long before the internal elements who are experts in order to ensure that the chassis components for the gearbox oil and body in harmony. It is a world in which the welds are a form of art and craft that exists in the nanometer scale.

Phantom is a steel monocoque, built a separate chassis and body products. The advantage of this design is to reduce the external dimensions, the maintenance of the facility. Therefore, while Ghost is 400 mm shorter than the Phantom sedan interior is comparable.

The body was covered with a double frontal wall, designed to isolate engine noise inside. It is built with steel and then into steel plates that are welded by hand wound. This allows nearly transparent policy, which is then sanded by hand until it’s perfect. In total, as part of Ghost contains 4.9 million and the welding seam and spot welding hood and windshield 6988th then refined into aluminum.

“A Rolls-Royce is smart in all aspects. How it handles, brakes and feel” Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering

Saint-feet on a cushion of air. Double wishbone front and multilink rear suspension is an intelligent man, with four corners, the air suspension and electronically controlled damping, sophistication, offering, Rolls-Royce for over 100 years old partners.

The air suspension on the rear axle, the mind is so sensitive it can detect the slightest change. For example, the movement to compensate the space for rear passengers and for other purposes. A complex computer system reads the inputs from various sensors in the car, load ms just to get all the individual calculations of shock 2,5. This ensures not only the perfect and precise steering and dynamic for the driver. The suspension system also includes a lift and knee function, above or below 25 mm in the mind.

The mind must after a complex series of electronic aids on almost any surface. These include the active roll stabilization, Dynamic Stability Control including Dynamic Traction Control Dynamic Brake Control Cornering Brake. These technologies work together in a single integrated management structure with the double, which means that even when subjected to rigorous testing, the spirit is kept in perfect balance means. Management and security systems to keep working as one, according to the driver and passengers to ensure optimum contact with the road condition.

“Our challenge,” says Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering “, was on the level of the state to maintain comfort while offering the latest equipment dynamics interesting history in a Rolls-Royce.”

Spirit is powered by a new 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12, but the current model. With direct injection, producing 563bhp – enough to go 0-60 mph in a spirit of just 4.7 seconds * and an electronically limited top speed of 155 kmh. With 780 Nm of torque at just 1500 rpm, power delivery is immediate and very smooth.

Power supply is transferred through an exchange of eight-speed cable, ZF automatic transmission. What this is a feeling of infinite power, top, shows the power-reserve indicator of the fascia, replaced most of the counter. The new engine delivers the power, which emits just 317g/km consumption is 20.8 mpg CO2.Fuel / 13.6 l/100 km .*

Safety is paramount, and used the latest technologies in mind. Beams on the impact of the combined zones front and rear doors, with his back to absorb shock. The crash and an advanced security management (ACSM) is to take steps to 2000 times per second sensors in the vehicle. CMHA uses this information – in combination with the engine and chassis management systems – to determine which areas to implement the security features in the event of an accident. If necessary, enable CMHA – among others – all the airbags and seat belt covers in the cabin, creating a zone of safety for all occupants.


The mind is the strongest car, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has taken place. However, Rolls-Royce power is delivered very differently to other cars. Comes in an elegant and carefully to the highest number of pulses, which produced no increase slowly described.

The principle of simplicity extends to the act of driving spirit. The host of software engineering and complex technologies are used under the surface, the easier and more enjoyable to drive, not to disturb or confuse.

“Nothing should distract from the driving pleasure of the mind.”

Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering

The mind is stronger against the driver of a Rolls-Royce. The driver sits in a slightly elevated seating position, as described in the position of authority. The vision that the way is a lot clearer. The fascia has been deliberately released, kept full of design and intuitive design. The control is fully formed, with key features highlighted by chrome accents. The warm glow of the dashboard with the steering wheel is covered with black families, in turn, a number of key fiddle, and ergonomic control of a ball bearing.

The central panel is located behind a hidden sheet called on their services. All functions such as satellite navigation, telephone, communication and entertainment are here, and it has a central wheel to scroll through keys on the front center console is flanked.

Support for optional technology in pilot plants and the mind by their discretion and convenience. When the driver approaches the vehicle, comfort ** optional open entry open the doors when the key is 1.5 meters and chrome is picked fresh mango. Once in the car, voice control, you can choose from the menus without central control driver.

For maneuverability, the cameras are located around the vehicle a range of targets. Reversing cameras, front and top with a fish-eye view at intersections or blind give bad image of the obstacle detection and vice versa is to predict when parking pass.

In discrete locations within the network is a night vision camera **. When activated, this security feature works with the recognition of pedestrians, objects up to 300 meters detected and displayed on the main screen of the table. Vehicle control system receives heat from infrared images from the camera and taking into account the speed and direction of the vehicle, classifies the risk assessment. It then measures, if any, respect and perhaps a warning to the driver.

Head-Up Display for the transmission of important information such as speed or navigation instructions on the windshield of the driver. This information is only visible to the driver and can be customized to display only the data needed, and in a good position for the driver.

Lane Departure Warning ** warns the driver when the car starts to differ from its current route. When activated, it uses an integrated camera, monitor the levels of road markings and the position of the vehicle. The driver is warned by a subtle vibrations through the steering wheel. If the driver uses the turn signals do not vibrate, before and after the change of the direction of the wheel.

Assistance ** Do not automatically manages the operation of the lighting and night drives. If this option is enabled, this feature of the device controller itself Departure Warning uses the LEDs on the front of the vehicle and automatically dips or raises the headlights accordingly. To improve adaptive headlights, turn signals and street lighting and to adapt to driving conditions, whether rain or fog, or simply just running the car.

Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function ** delivers a relaxed driving experience, especially on cruises long distances, because the action is not required when the vehicle accelerates or decelerates further, but after reaching an impasse. ** Also the active braking downhill damaged at a speed of communication and regular curve with slow dynamics of the motor vehicle restriction stability control on curves, where the safety and comfort.


Rolls-Royce has a good reputation for making cars that go beyond the simple car. He added a magical name that is used in part from meticulous attention to detail and quality materials throughout.

More than 60 pairs of hands, including the production of more than 2,000 individual operations and take at least 20 days.

“I do not want to paint our cars, we are on an amazing depth, brightness to create perfect bound.” Lisa Taylor, painting connected

A part of themselves to save the painting as a ghostly spirit and for 7 days, painted and polished. Five steps are necessary for the esprit de corps. First, a layer of electro-phosphate is used to protect against corrosion, and a primer, a color layer, and finally two coats of clear lacquer. The body is part of the sand between your hands and then the last layer of hand-polished for 5 hours.

Spirit is available in 12 exterior colors, each of which are juxtaposed with matte silver with a hood option.

Perfect skin is a prerequisite for the interior of a Rolls-Royce. For this reason, our skin from bulls raised on pasture without barbed wire must ensure that there are fewer points. All other trademarks are carefully avoided by our qualified laser cutters. At least eight skins are used for the interior, and color consistency, each hiding a lot of coloring at the same time guarantee. The skins are not battery-painted, make sure that the color of the skin. The process also means that the skin is much more flexible and prevents cracking and calculation, and the durability and longevity. All the seats and interior trim are hand using traditional techniques of furniture, the most experienced of the sewn in their trade.

The natural beauty of the plates in the mind through the skills of dedicated craftsmen and women out. The natural strawberry and grains are selected for their complexity and importance: the specialists of the page to select only the best records of these sections are very thin. Veneer of a tree is used in any vehicle. This ensures not only the grain of the parties in the cabin, but all age ranges and color with the same speed. The pieces are still hand, cut with five layers of protection and a polished mirror surface finishing.


Ghost is a vision of simplicity – the basic values of the Rolls-Royce and the strengthening of modern luxury, without effort. Spirit is run for the assembly and therefore for everyone. The balance of the chassis offers a dynamic experience for the coupling of the driver, but a smooth ride, comfort for the passengers. The engine power is in a way that an engineer’s office was used to deliver effortlessly and endlessly. The recent decline slightly in the automotive industry in the hand, while a portion of the fund.

Rolls-Royce Phantom embodies the 21st Century: For over 100 years of technical and design excellence in a modern style without the expression.

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